Volunteers Make Tour de Guelph Possible!

Tour de Guelph relies on over 100 volunteers for its success. You make Tour de Guelph possible by volunteering your time and energy to help – thank you!

Tour de Guelph Volunteer Opportunities

To help you decide where you would like to help, we have put together this brief overview of what each volunteer task entails. You will receive much more detailed information once you have been assigned. Every volunteer will receive an official T shirt and lunch.

Registration (onsite at University)

Volunteers check in pre-registered cyclists, register new cyclists, distribute wrist bands, and T-shirts as well as accepting and recording pledges.

Set up Saturday

Volunteers install route signs.

Set up Sunday (onsite at University)

Volunteers set up tables, fill water bottles etc.

Directing cycle traffic at intersections

Course marshals direct CYCLE traffic at intersections – ensuring that cyclists go the right way.

They DO NOT direct vehicular traffic.

This assignment involves standing most of the time, although we suggest taking a folding chair for quiet times. Volunteers may need to take sun hats, sunscreen umbrellas etc. depending on the weather.

Rest stops

Rest stops provide refreshment and portable toilets for cyclists. Volunteers hand out refreshments and liaise with administration to report any problems. Rest stop volunteers are encouraged to dress up and have fun!

Greeting (onsite at University)

Volunteers arrive early and ensure that cyclists know where to register.

Finish line cheering (onsite at University)

Volunteers provide encouragement to weary cyclists as they cross the finish line. Dress up, go mad and shout encouragement.

Patrolling routes

Volunteers deliver lunches to rest stops and course marshals, and circle around the routes on the look out for anyone needing help.

Installing and retrieving signs

Volunteers hammer in stakes and attach directional signs to trees or posts, then retrieve them on the Monday.