We’re pleased to welcome Home Group Realty as our Tour de Guelph 2021 Team Ambassador!

Home Group Realty is leading the way as a team and they are sharing their lived experience with you to help your team fundraise to the top of this year’s team challenge!

Home Group Realty is a fiercely local collective of real estate professionals, and your 2021 Tour de Guelph Teams Ambassador! They’re participating in Tour de Guelph to support our local hospital & healthcare heroes, engage friends & families in a fun and healthy community event, and explore our beautiful local landscape on two wheels!

They’re getting their team engaged through training challenges, fundraising prizes, and organizing socially-distanced ride dates. Looking for ideas to engage your team? Reach out to their team captain, Luke McKenzie, REALTOR® at lmckenzie@homegrouprealty.ca – he’d love to share some tips!

Join the Tour de Guelph Team Challenge!

When you register, you have the option of registering as an individual, creating or joining a team. You can also start or join a team after you register. Watch the ‘How to’ video further down the page.

What is the challenge?

The challenge is to be the team that makes the BIGGEST impact in our community by raising the most funds.*

When you start or join a team, a team fundraising page will be created that links all the individual team member fundraising pages and totals your individual team members fundraising efforts.

The winning teams will win a team celebration to be held at a local restaurant when it is safe to gather. And, of course, bragging rights!

Anyone can start a team. Family teams, teams of friends, community groups, corporate teams – we welcome all types of groups to get involved. It’s good for you and good for our community!

*There are two categories and a prize to the top team in each category.

  1. Most raised per team member: decided based on the team to raise the most per person on the team. For example, if your team has four team members and the team total is $8,000 raised, $2,000 per team member will be used to rank your team’s position.
  2. Most raised overall: decided based on the team to raise the most overall.

Riding as a Team

You do not need to ride together to be a part of the Tour de Guelph 2021 Team Challenge. Each of your team members can stay safe by riding individually or with their own household family, and still be part of the team. The Team Challenge is a team fundraising challenge.

If you do decide to ride together with your team, please be sure to follow all provincial and local public health regulations for outdoor gatherings at the time of your ride.

Video: Creating or joining a team after registering as an individual

In this video, we’ll show you how to create or join a team after you have already registered as an individual.

Quick Tip for Corporate Teams

If you’re an employee who has organized a team, reach out to your company’s management team to let them know and to ask for support. Here are some ideas for the kinds of support you can ask for:

  • Ask your company to make a donation to your team
  • Ask for incentives such as an afternoon off work for everyone on the team to complete their ride or a catered lunch for everyone on the team
  • Prizes to be raffled off to people on the team
  • Personalize Your Team Fundraising Page

Set a team goal. Add a team or corporate photo, logo and/or video message to your supporters. Update the text on your page to include your reasons for riding and fundraising. See the Home Group Realty team page as a fantastic example: https://secure.e2rm.com/p2p/fundraising/351197/team/953942

The person who created the team will be able use their login and update the team fundraising page.

See our how to videos for help: https://tourdeguelph.ca/how-to-use-your-online-fundraising-page/

Recruit Teammates & Encourage Fundraising

Home Group Realty sets a great example. They have encouraged all their Realtors and staff to join, they have also extended the invitation to their families and their clients.

Once your team is established, they suggest sending regular fundraising encouragement emails to give the team updates on the team’s progress and to remind them to continue fundraising.

Use the Online Fundraising Tools!

Using the fundraising portal to manage your team and its members is the easiest way to manage and communicate with your team. Login and then in the left navigation menu. Click on Team to expand all the options you have for managing your team.

Team Results: shows a summary of your team’s fundraising efforts
Recruit Team Members: gives you email and social media tools that direct people to your team page to join your team. Click on the address book icon to easily upload all your email contacts from any of your email accounts.
Email Team: allows you to easily send emails to all team members who have already joined your team.
Edit Team Info: allows you to edit your team name and add a summary description for your team.
Manage Team Sponsors: allows you to send email messages to anyone who has followed through with a donation to your team or anyone on your team.
Manage Team Cash & Cheques: allows you to enter donations that you have received offline. Please note that all offline donations can be dropped off at The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital prior to the event, or hand them in on the day of the event.

Team Challenge FAQs