1. How do I start a team?

Starting a team is easy! Go to www.tourdeguelph.ca, click the ‘Register’ button, accept the waiver, then choose the ‘Create a Team’ option. Follow through with the rest of the registration steps. At the end of the process, you will have created your own personal fundraising page as well as a team page that will show the collective fundraising effort of all your teammates.

2. Is there a team registration price?

There is no team registration price. All team members will pay for their respective registration fee at the time they join the team. When you start a team, the only fee you will pay is your own individual registration price, unless you choose the Fundraise-to-Ride option – then you pay no fee at all!

3. Do I need to register all team members at the time I register my team?

No. It only takes one team member to register the team. Once the team is registered, share the URL of your team page with all those you invite to be a part of your team.

4. Do all team members need to ride the same route/distance?

No. Since each team member registers individually, they can choose whichever route they like.

5. I set up my team and noticed I have a team page and a personal page, why?

The team page shows and tracks the pooled fundraising effort of everyone on your team. Then, each team member will have an individual fundraising page to track their own fundraising effort. This way, team members can qualify for top fundraiser prizes in addition to the team challenge prizes. The person who starts the team will be the team captain and will have the ability to login to the fundraising portal and manage a team fundraising page as well as their individual fundraising page. Each person to join the team will set up their individual fundraising page which they will be able to manage themselves.

6. Are there prizes for the team(s) that raise the most money?

Yes! The winning team will win a party hosted at The Bike Shed. Team members also qualify for top fundraiser prizes. View all prizes on our Fundraising & Prize page on the tourdeguelph.ca website.