No Registration Fee!

There is no registration fee this year. To participate, please fundraise a minimum of $25, or make this donation yourself at the time of registration. All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt in the full amount of the donation.

Register and Receive a Harvey’s Coupon!

Receive a Harvey’s coupon when you register and meet the minimum $25 fundraising requirement for Tour de Guelph 2021! Thanks to Harvey’s Restaurants of Guelph, when you register you will receive a burger combo coupon after the event. Available to use at any Guelph or Fergus location. Coupons will be emailed to all registrants during the week of June 28th following the event period.

Need some help registering?

Are you a returning or new rider? Follow the steps below when registering.

Registering for 2021 and were a past participant in 2020:

  1. Click Register
  2. Choose Registration Type (Individual, Create, or Join team) and click continue
  3. Confirm the number of people to register and click continue
  4. Create Account pop-up appears
  5. Click on the LOG IN button since the person was a participant in 2020 and has existing credentials
  6. Enter in your username and password from 2020.
    a. If they forget one of them, click on the Forgot username/password link.
    i. If going this step, enter in either their email or username to trigger the email to send to them to help with registration
  7. If you have successfully remembered your user/password from 20200, enter it in and click Log In and continue with registration flow

Register for 2021 as a brand new participant (You have not participated before)

  1. Click Register
  2. Choose Registration Type (Individual, Create, or Join team) and click continue
  3. Confirm the number of people to register and click continue
  4. Create Account pop-up appears
  5. Insert email address and create a username and password and click register button
  6. Continue with and complete registration flow

If you forgot your username or password from 2020 and have received the email to help reset your password

  1. Click the link in the email you have received
  2. Type in your username and create a new password
  3. Enter registration flow and select registration type and click continue
  4. Create Account pop-up appears
  5. Click on the LOG IN button as you have existing credentials
  6. Enter in their username and password
  7. Continue with and complete registration flow

Fundraising Rewards

The more you fundraise, the more rewards you will get!

We’re also planning some great contests to help encourage you to start your fundraising early – more details to come.

See our fundraising page for full prize details and fundraising tips.

Ride any of our routes starting Friday, June 4th up to Sunday, June 27th, 2021.

As an individual, or along with others in your household, or with others and adhering to current physical distancing recommendations at the time of your ride, complete any of our Tour de Guelph routes, or ride any of your own favorite routes. We are also welcoming those who prefer to ride at home on their bike trainer or stationary bike. We are also welcoming walkers this year!

Please choose a route that is appropriate for your skill and fitness level. Tour de Guelph will not be an organized event and support will not be available from Tour de Guelph organizers.

Submit a photo!

David and Theresa White, 25km route, Tour de Guelph 2020

While on your ride or walk, take a selfie and submit it to

Your photo will be published in the Tour de Guelph 2021 Online Photo Album, presented by Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities that will be hosted by

Please also share your photos on social media using #TdG2021 and #TourdeGuelph.

Route Maps

These are the 2021 Tour de Guelph routes. 17 routes to choose from or do your own!

Note that routes will not be marked this year. We strongly recommend bringing a mobile device so you may refer to the map while you’re out on your ride.

5KM Family Multi Surface Adventure

Tour de Guelph 5KM Multi Surface Route

13KM Family Multi-Surface Adventure

Tour de Guelph 13KM Multi Surface Route

26KM Get to Know Guelph Gravel

Tour de Guelph 26KM Gravel Route


Tour de Guelph 34KM Road Route

46KM Chilli Forest

Tour de Guelph 46KM Road Route

63KM Oustic Rockwood

Tour de Guelph 63KM Road Route

70KM Inside Guelph

Tour de Guelph 70KM Road Route

88KM Guelph, St. Jacobs, Wallenstien, Elmira, Guelph

Tour de Guelph 88KM Road Route

97KM Andrews Scenic Acres

Tour de Guelph 97KM Road Route

111KM Tour de Guelph Revised Route

Tour de Guelph 111KM Road Route

121KM Glen Williams Terra Cotta Inglewood

Tour de Guelph 121KM Road Route

50KM North Gravel

Tour de Guelph 50KM Gravel Route

65KM All South Gravel

Tour de Guelph 65KM Gravel Route

80KM Elora Gravel

Tour de Guelph 80KM Gravel Route

90KM KW and Back Gravel

Tour de Guelph 90KM Road Route

90KM Two Rail Trails

Tour de Guelph 90KM Trail Route

160KM Tour de Guelph Route

Tour de Guelph 160KM Road Route