Tour de Guelph Hall of Fame

We’re celebrating the incredible people who have greatly contributed to their community through their participation in Tour de Guelph.

Tour de Guelph has helped provide funding for essential patient care equipment at Guelph General Hospital including IV Pumps, an Ultrasound Machine, Respiratory Ventilators, Interventional Radiology, a CT scanner, a Centralized Cardiac Monitoring System, and last year, proceeds went towards a powerful new MRI scanner that is expected to arrive this Fall! At Guelph General Hospital, all patient care equipment is funded through community support.

In addition to supporting the Hospital, every year, many local groups aimed at youth development, family support, and community building are supported by Tour de Guelph proceeds through the Rotary Clubs of Guelph South and Guelph Trillium.

You can be a part of our future success when you register to ride with us this year!

2022 Inductees

Ethan Steele

Ethan Steele has participated in Tour de Guelph from 2017 to 2020. He was only 13 years old the first year he registered. Over those 4 years he raised a total of $5,205 and was the Top Youth Fundraiser in 2017, 2018 and 2019. For that distinction Ethan won the prize of a bike donated by Vettor Small Engine & Bicycle, and each year donated that bike to a needy family through a Guelph-Wellington Children’s Organization.

Ian Digby

Ian has participated in Tour de Guelph since 2015. Over the past seven years, he has raised $5,529. He has ridden the 50km, 100km and even once the 160km route when the event still offered a century ride. Ian is currently an Emergency Physician at Guelph General Hospital. He is very proud of the work The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital and Rotary have accomplished with Tour de Guelph.

Donna Bryson

Donna has participated in Tour de Guelph since 2016. Over the past six years she has raised $4,062! Her preferred route is 50 km and each year she rides with 3 other girlfriends. Her riding career began in 2000 when she started participating in Triathlons, an activity she still enjoys today. She started riding in Tour de Guelph to support Guelph General Hospital.

2021 Inductees

Mike Diamond

Between 2014 and 2020 Mike has fundraised a total $31,341.00. What motivated him to ride and fundraise as part of Tour de Guelph? He wanted to give back to the Guelph General Hospital for the dedicated and compassionate care he and his wife, Rosemary experienced while she was undergoing cancer treatment. Over the years, Mike’s motivation to ride has stayed the same, except that he now rides in memory of his beloved Rosemary. This year, at the young age of 82, Mike plans to ride the 75km route and continue to fundraise and support Tour de Guelph!

Nicole Gatto

Nicole Gatto has participated in Tour de Guelph every year since 2014 and has raised $5,200. With Tour de Guelph routes, Nicole is always challenging herself. She started with the 50KM route, then the 75KM route and next up for her is the 100KM route! For Nicole, supporting the Hospital supports everyone in the community. “Almost all of us know someone who has needed the services of our local hospital at some point in their lives.”

The Khalfan Family

The Khalfan family started participating in Tour de Guelph in 2014. It has become a fun family tradition that the family looks forward to each year. In 2018, father Khaleed was hospitalized with a leg infection and the care he received at the GGH “was absolutely incredible.” Since then, in thanks, Khaleed and his family have deepened their commitment to Tour de Guelph and to helping Guelph General Hospital.

Charlie Barnes

Charlie Barnes joined the Tour de Guelph Committee in 2020 to lend his time and enthusiasm to help put on the event. In the same year he was entitled the top fundraiser for raising $10,926! For Charlie, Tour de Guelph is the perfect way for him to support his community. He has been cycling every summer for 15 years. He has raised a total of $22,500 in his three years of riding. Charlie demonstrates that it is never too late in life to get involved and compete in sport!

Cathy Densmore

Cathy has participated in Tour de Guelph since the event began. Over the seven years she has raised $5,715. Through supporting her daughter’s rides in Ride to Conquer Cancer events, she was encouraged to ride with her daughter. That is how her riding lifestyle began 10 years ago. When she found Tour de Guelph, it was a natural fit to join and support the Guelph General Hospital. Cathy tries to ride 30 – 70KM on a daily basis. Cathy will ride on her own or with her riding buddies. Her preferred Tour de Guelph route to ride is the 75 KM route on road conditions.

Bill Allen

Bill Allen has participated in Tour de Guelph five times. He started cycling seriously in 2006. Bill continues to push himself when cycling and fundraising for the event. His Tour de Guelph record includes being on the top five fundraising tier. In the five years he has participated, Bill has raised a total of $10, 285. Bill usually cycles three to four days a week, and will ride for 50KM. Bill prefers to ride solo so he can set his own pace. His preferred Tour de Guelph route is the 100KM!

Pat Eton-Neufeld and Gerry Neufeld

For Pat Eton-Neufeld and Gerry Neufeld their first Tour de Guelph experience was in 2020. Together they embarked in the first ever virtual Tour de Guelph event. Instead of riding one of the designated routes, Pat and Gerry committed to riding every day for the month of June. Over the course of the month they cycled a total 430 KM and raised $6,130. The couple has been cycling for 30 years together. They most enjoy cycling on the weekends, stopping for a coffee or lunch, and then cycling home.

Ross McKinnell

Ross McKinnell has participated in six out of the seven Tour de Guelph events since it was incepted in 2014. Ross is a 57 year resident of Guelph and is a top fundraising each year. His total amount raised over the six years is $25,462. Ross has cycled most of his life, starting his career at the age of 15 years old. He cycled competitively for 9 years until it became a loved hobby of his. For the past 20 years Ross prefers to ride by himself two to three times a week. Though in 2020, he included his daughter to be his cycling buddy. Together they did their own 25KM route for Tour de Guelph 2020.

Andrew Maykut

Andrew Maykut has participated in Tour de Guelph for the past five years. In his five years of riding, he has raised a total of $5,720.33. Andrew has been bike riding all his life. When Andrew was a teenager, he rode from Oshawa to Goderich, an almost 16-hour ride! Today, he continues to enjoy long-distance treks with his friends. On all cycling routes, a mandatory requirement for Andrew is, there has to be a place to stop halfway to enjoy coffee and perhaps a butter tart! This year Andrew plans to ride the 63KM route with a friend.

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