Fundraising is as easy as asking!

Fundraising may seem like an intimidating challenge, but it really is as easy as asking.

When you register for Tour de Guelph, an online fundraising page will be automatically produced for you. You can use this page to collect online donations from your supporters. Simply share the URL to your fundraising page with anyone you feel may want to support you.

You can login to retrieve your URL and to personalize your fundraising page with your message and photo. To login, use the Username and Password that you created when you registered.

Forgot your Username and Password? No problem, use the links on the login page to retrieve them.

Already registered? Login to personalize your fundraising page and to start fundraising!

To log any offline donations, login to your dashboard and click “Cash and Checks” on the left side. Click the “Add Donation” button on the top right of the screen, then enter each individual donation.

All offline donations of cash and cheques need to be mailed or dropped off to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital – 115 Delhi Street, Guelph ON, N1E 4J4.

Cyclist Success Spot

We’ve created the Cyclist Success Spot for all our riders to help with your fundraising and encouraging others to ride in Tour de Guelph.

This includes graphics for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as some important information about the event.

Click here to access everything you need for fundraising success.

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Watch our series of “How-To” videos to learn how to login and use your online fundraising page to collect online donations.

When you registered, an online fundraising page was created for you. We’ve made a series of short videos that will show you how to login and make the most of the online fundraising tools.

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Top tips for fundraising success:

1. Ask everyone you know. Friends, family, neighbours, and work colleagues. You just never know who may hold the causes close to their heart, or who may simply want to support you to help you reach your goal.

2. Ask up to three times. It may take you asking and then a couple of reminders before your supporters follow through with a donation. Life is busy and your request may have been forgotten. Our recommendation is to ask once and remind up to two times.

3. Personalize your online giving page. Add your photo and personal story, or why the cause and reaching your goal is important to you.

To personalize your fundraising page, click the Participant Login link found at the very top of this webpage. Then using your user name and password that you created when you registered, you can login to the fundraising portal to access all our online fundraising tools including your personal fundraising page.

4. Set the bar by making a self-pledge. People will see your commitment and be more likely to support you. Also, your self-pledge will set a precedent for what others will donate.

To make a donation to yourself, go to the Tour de Guelph home page, select search to search for and find your personal fundraising page, then click the donate button on your page to make a donation to yourself.

5. Start early! The earlier you start asking, the more time you’ll have to reach your goal.

More Fundraising Milestone Prizes!

This year, all riders will receive a reward when they reach each of the following fundraising milestones: $300, $500 and $1000!

Fundraise $300 – You get a FREE 2021 Jersey!

Fundraise $500 – Also receive a $15 gift card for The Wooly Pub, presented by David Parr Worldsource Securities

Fundraise $1000 or more – Also receive a $50 gift card for Speed River Bicycle PLUS get entered to win one of our top fundraiser prizes!

Youth fundraisers to raise $300 or more will also receive a jersey and be entered for a chance to win a custom built mountain-style youth bicycle from Vetter Small Engine & Bicycle; OR, one of two Organic Meadow chocolate milk cases of 24 Tetra Paks. To qualify as youth, your birth date must be January 1, 2005 or after.

PLUS all registered riders who raise the minimum $25 fundraising requirement will receive a coupon for a FREE Harvey’s burger combo including your choice of burger, fries or rings and beverage. Coupons will be emailed following the ride period ending June 27, 2021.

$300 Fundraising Milestone Reward: Tour de Guelph 2021 Cycling Jersey

Once again, all riders to raise $300 or more will automatically receive an exclusive Tour de Guelph cycling jersey.

THIS YEAR: All registered riders to raise $300 before April 23rd will have their jersey available for pick up by June 3rd!

All those to reach the $300 milestone on April 23rd or after, will have their jersey delivered 4 to 6 weeks following the event period which ends Sunday June 27th.

Jerseys come in adult and kids sizes, be sure to state your jersey size at the time of registration in case you meet the fundraising milestone.

Jersey design by Kahntact

2021 Jersey Front and Back

Can you top last year’s top fundraisers?

Charlie Barnes$10,926.00
Mike Diamond$7,071.00
Ross McKinnell$6,045.00
Pat Eton-Neufeld$3,470.00
Bill Allen$3,020.00
Gerald Neufeld$2,660.00
Ethan Steele$2,165.00
Doug Steel$1,930.00
Tet Tacoma$1,560.00

Qualicare Home Care presents the Top Fundraiser Prizes!

Thanks to Qualicare Home Care Guelph, we’re able to offer even more rewards to this year’s top fundraisers, and support some of the local small businesses who have supported Tour de Guelph over multiple years.

What’s up for grabs?

  • A $500 gift card for Speed River Bicycle
  • A $200 gift card for Paramount Skis, Bikes, Boards
  • A $100 gift card for The Wooly Pub

When you raise $1000 or more, not only will you get all three milestone prizes, but you will also be entered for a chance to win one of the Top Fundraiser Prizes!

Tour de Guelph 2021 Team Challenge Prizes

The challenge is to be the team that makes the BIGGEST impact in our community by raising the most funds.*

When you start or join a team, a team fundraising page will be created that links all the individual team member fundraising pages and totals your individual team members fundraising efforts.

The winning teams will win a team celebration to be held at a local restaurant when it is safe to gather. And, of course, bragging rights!

Anyone can start a team. Family teams, teams of friends, community groups, corporate teams – we welcome all types of groups to get involved. It’s good for you and good for our community!

*There are two categories and a prize to the top team in each category.

  1. Most raised per team member: decided based on the team to raise the most per person on the team. For example, if your team has four team members and the team total is $8,000 raised, $2,000 per team member will be used to rank your team’s position.
  2. Most raised overall: decided based on the team to raise the most overall.

See our Team Challenge page for all team challenge info, including how to start or join a team after you have already registered.