No Registration Fee

There is no registration fee this year. To participate, please fundraise a minimum of $25, or make this donation yourself at the time of registration. All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt in the full amount of the donation.

Fundraising Rewards

We are still offering our same great fundraising rewards as in previous years, but with more milestone rewards and we’re also changing the way we award prizes to our top fundraisers which gives more fundraisers a chance to win our top fundraising prizes.

See our fundraising page for full prize details and fundraising tips.

Ride any of our routes starting Sunday June 28th up to Sunday July 26th, 2020.

As an individual, or along with others in your household, or with others and adhering to current social distancing recommendations, complete any of our Tour de Guelph routes, or ride any of your own favorite routes. We are also welcoming those who prefer to ride at home on their bike trainer or stationary bike. We are also welcoming walkers this year!

While on your ride or walk, take a selfie and send it to us through our email: for us to share in our Tour de Guelph 2020 photo album, please also share it on social media using #TdG2020.

Route Maps

Below are the route maps from previous years. Note that routes will not be marked this year. We strongly recommend bringing a mobile device so you may refer to the map while you’re out on your ride.

In addition to the routes below, we are working on a new 10k route on the City Rec Trails through Downtown Guelph. We will post the map as soon as it is available.

25 km GPS Route Map

25 km Tour de Guelph Road Route

50 km GPS Route Map

50 km Tour de Guelph Road Route

75 km GPS Route Map

75 km Tour de Guelph Road Route

100 km GPS Route Map

100 km Tour de Guelph Road Route

160 km GPS Route Map

160 km Tour de Guelph Road Route

40 km Multi-surface GPS Route Map

40k multi-surface route map
40k Multi-surface Route

70 km Multi-surface GPS Route Map

70k Multi-surface route map
70k Multi-surface Route