Hall of Famer South City Physiotherapy

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Members of South City Physiotherapy have participated in Tour de Guelph since 2019 with a small break in 2020 due to the pandemic. With their dedicated participation, they have raised a total of $12,816.

At the head of the ride helm each year has been Jody Cummins-Lambert and Francine Core from South City Physiotherapy. Together, they encourage staff to join in on the fun each year. 

In years past, the team would get together for training sessions in the lead-up to the event. The goal was to get out once a week as a team, as colleagues for practice, and to cheer each other on. 

Jody says, “It’s a friendly competition and we get excited about doing things like this together!”

The team mostly trains for the 50KM. “Almost anyone can do the 50KM if you prepare. A tip is to learn to love hills”, Jody says with a laugh. 

The reason South City Physiotherapy rides? “To contribute to the community we live and work in. It feels good to make a difference. And it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and be a part of the community” Jody explained. 

This is a tiny, but mighty team. Jody says their clients make the training and fundraising even more fun.

“We have very supportive clients who donated and encourage us with our ride” she explains. “For example, last year one of our clients lived just on route. She cheered us on from the sidelines with a sign and— get this, her goats on leashes! It was the best.”

When asked how they fundraise Jody explained they utilize Instagram, the put up posters in every room at the clinic, promote the event with their e-signatures and and word of mouth.

Keep up the great work South City Physiotherapy and thank you for your support!

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