Hall of Famer Angela Hofstra

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Angela Hofstra, our newest addition to the Tour de Guelph Hall of Fame, is an exceptional person who has made remarkable contributions to the event and to the Guelph community.

Having grown up in Guelph, she has a strong bond with her hometown. She firmly believes in the significance of having accessible healthcare services for all.

Angela’s involvement in the Tour de Guelph stems from her desire to support the Guelph General Hospital, a place that holds special meaning for her as both she and her son were born there, and where her husband, Ron, is currently receiving treatment. Recognizing the value of having top-notch healthcare close to home and understanding that community support is crucial, Angela is determined to raise funds to enhance the healthcare services available at GGH.

When asked about the Tour de Guelph, Angela is enthusiastic. She loves the sense of community that the event fosters and the opportunity it provides to bring people together. The fundraiser

offers a wide range of options, catering to cyclists of all skill levels with various route choices. There are shorter and easier routes for those who prefer a more relaxed ride with more challenging multi-surface itineraries for the adventurous spirits: Angela’s favourite is 75 kilometres. She’s happy that all the routes are well-designed and accessible, making it possible for individuals from all walks of life to participate and have a great time.

Angela is an active member of both the Guelph Triathlon Club and the Discomfort Zone Multisport Triathlon Club, which clearly demonstrates her dedication to promoting active lifestyles. Her personal journey in cycling began in 2011 when she purchased a new road bike; her first duathlon was in 2013. Through her participation in the Tour de Guelph and other similar events, she aims to inspire other women to embrace this wonderful sport and reap its countless benefits.

Since 2016, Angela has raised $6,057.

As an advocate for the Tour de Guelph, Angela invites everyone to participate. “Whether you decide to participate alongside your friends, family, or even by yourself, I believe you’ll have a fantastic time, meet like-minded people, and, above all, raise funds for a truly vital cause.”

Angela Hofstra’s unwavering dedication to the Tour de Guelph and her outstanding efforts to promote accessible healthcare make her a deserving inductee into the Tour de Guelph Hall of Fame.


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